Its always difficult to remember when a bill is due ... and remembering to pay your radio licence is no different. The Post Office collected the money and if you forgot to renew you would soon be sent a reminder !

Here is the first ever reminder that this official history has ever come across .. dating from January 1925

There was still a personal touch in 1929.

Here's a  reminder from January 1932 from the collection of Barry Feltham.  The colour red makes its first outing ..

and a stern reminder in early 1938

(Stephen Dunderdale collection)

This dates from 1947 and there is once again the option to have a "television and sound" licence.  TV broadcasts were suspended in the war years.

Here's a later reminder from 1969

The back of this reminder is interesting .. it reminds you not only how to pay but also that you need a second licence if you have a radio fitted in your car!


and DO NOT ignore the reminder !