As mentioned earlier, if you had a radio but not a television you were required to pay for a radio licence until February 1971.

This version of the radio licence was on pale blue paper. This example, serial number DG787412,  has some interesting information on it. . Originally printed for £1 5s, and intended to expire in September 1971, it has been amended in manuscript to 13/- (thirteen shillings) with an expiry date of  Feb. 71, when radio licences in the UK were abolished. The licence bears the reasonably clear date stamp of the issuing office: HELMSLEY RD. RAINWORTH, MANSFIELD, NOTTS dated 2nd October 1970.

The latest example of a radio licence we have ever seen was issued in December 1970.  The price was amended to to cover the period up until the end of the legal need for a licence. 

After February 1971 only television licences were issued ... here's a September 1971 issue licence.  A TV licence covered all your TV viewing (BBC or Commercial) as it does today.

It's sometimes forgotten that even today the "TV Licence" pays for all BBC Network, Regional and Local radio. It also pays for all the streaming costs of domestic BBC radio services that are enjoyed around the world. The only BBC radio it does not currently pay for is the BBC World Service although that will change in April 2013 when the cost of the World Service will transfer from the Government to the UK licence fee payer.