The British Government imposed a £1.00 tax on all licence fees between 1957 and 1964. In current times some people describe the TV licence as a tax .... but this really was! Here's an example of a licence issue in 1961 .. as you can see it is "taxed" at a rate of 33% !

The radio world in the UK was set for change in the 1960s .. with the pirate radio ships forcing a rethink in what the BBC would offer to its listeners. There were more radio stations than ever to listen to ... but TV was increasing its hold on the audience. You still needed a licence to listen to the radio .. but if you had a TV you bought a combined licence.

Many people still only had a radio set in the 1960s and for them radio licences were still issued. On the back is a warning that "As soon as a television set is installed ...." the radio licence had to be upgraded to a TV licence.

Equally, more and more cars were having radio sets installed and you required a separate licence for this. Here is a 1966 radio only licence for a car .. there are other examples and more information in the "car radio" section