The cost of a radio licence went up in 1946 to twenty shillings (20/-), that's one pound. This first example comes from 1952 (issue date) and is for radio only.

If you had a radio in your car you needed an additional licence.  Here's one from 1955.  Note the car registration number that was required for the licence (see "car radio" section for more examples).

The price is now marked as £1 (one pound).. although that is exactly the same as twenty shillings and it quotes the 1949 Wireless Telegraph Act.


The combined radio and TV licence had been introduced in 1946 at a cost of two pounds. It was increased to three pounds in 1954.

This example is for the combined radio and TV licence and dates from 1957 by which time ITV was on the air and the number of "radio only" licences were declining.

In August 1957 (after this one was issued) the Government levied a surcharge of £1 (one pound) on all combined TV / Radio licences. This was a tax of 30% that the Government kept! This stayed in place until 1963. It was NOT applied to radio only licences