The mere fact that the UK was at war with Germany didn't stop the collection of the radio licence revenue.

Once again Lady Wishart was able to pay for her licence and kept it safe until it came into our hands in 2003.

The Cost of a licence fee went up in 1946.

This example was issued on 5th April 1949 at a cost of 20/-, which is one pound.

The fledgling TV service was restarted after the war and a combined TV & Radio licence was required for those who embraced the new technology. Uptake was slow at first and radio still dominated people's lives.

The BBC Handbook of 1949 one says that there were over 50,000 TV licences by mid-1948 ... and around 8.8M radio licences in operation in March 1948. By March 1949 the official radio licence figure was 9.1 million.

Although not confirmed it is likely that that will be the peak figure as TV took off in the 1950s.