The history of the radio lIcence in the UK was produced by Mark Jones.  All text copyright Mark Jones 2005-2013

The site could not be what it is without the help of the late Stephen Dunderdale who provided many images and additional information. 

Additional thanks to Malcolm Hanson for the radio licence numbers information for the 1920s, 1930s & 1940s.

Last updated November 2012.  Now includes rare letter of authority from 1920 and a licence issued in December 1970.  Also includes a 1960s pair of licences for "home" and " car "


The site is about the historic radio licence that existed in the UK until February 1971.  If you have an enquiry about the PRSforMusic licence ( required for public listening of radio / CDs etc in public buildings like shops and offices) then read a fact sheet about this on the PRS FOR MUSIC website

If you have any comments, or radio licences, please get in touch.

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